Pillars of Desert Software

Who We Are

Multiple businesses and thousands of people across Australia and the world use Desert Software, which started in 2015 Melbourne Australia. Ingenuity comes from a need and we started as projects to meet OHS requirements.

Now we’re the world’s leading OHS App and Dashboard software provider, producing thousands of PDF’s a day. Desert Software is for all types of businesses, creating innovative products that empower our customers to grow.

What We Do

Can you visualise an effective work environment with no more paper checklists, forms & paper reports?

The days of chasing paper trails can be gone, because with the Desert software Apps & dashboards information is freely available at your fingertips. In fact completed on site with real time recordings, submissions are now easy, forms convert to PDF and sent to email and or to your IMS dashboard. Filing no longer needed, this system is not only affordable but succinct and direct.

Apps are available in iOS and Android systems. The unique design of fully integrated apps, server, emails, cloud storage and the automatic upload to website allows managers to track the completion of OHS requirements daily. Do away with the outdated paper system and keep them up to date at all times.

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Services We Offer

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