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What we offer our clients
Time Clock App

Allows clock in and out of specific jobs with the use of GPS location. Reporting daily hours and then weekly/fortnightly with reporting of individuals.

Medical App

GPS positioning displaying nearest doctor’s clinic and/or nearest hospital

Weekly Works Program App

To budget and structure a weekly works program that allows staff to know what is programmed for them for the week.

Plant Pre-Start Checklist App

Allows a vehicle or plant equipment inspection using electronic signatures with GPS tracking and time and date stamping.

Site Risk Assessment App

Quickly assesses the site with simple Q&A, has GPS tracking enables with time and date. References to SWMMS and traffic management plans. If out of range, app saves data and uploads when connection is available.

(PMSSA) Project Manager Site Safety Assessment

Allows managers, OH&S officers and auditors to do a complete audit on site of a contractor or staff crew. Uses GPS and time/date stamp with Q&A data entry. Uses electronic signatures.

Manual Handling Assessment App

Allows identification of hazards and reporting with Q&A with comment entry including electronic signature with email entry or wheel tagging whom it is to be emailed to with selection and sending including upload to server/site.

Site Induction Checklist

GPS positioning, date/time stamped with electronic signatures. Q&A with YES,NO and N/A and comments section and data entry.

Work Crew Communication App

Allows staff to report to a supervisor or management with any concerns regarding safety, incidents, near misses, health, ideas and more. Allows for follow up with corrective action – names, dates and time stamps enabled.

Damages/Expected Claim Report App

For use when documenting incidents on site such as broken sprinklers, water mains, drains and so on. Uses GPS positioning with time and date stamping. Allows photograph tagging with comment entry and signatures.

Issue Action Register App

Allows details of non-conformance by supplier, contractor or staff members with GPS positioning and date/time stamps. Electronic signatures enabled.

Employee/Subcontractor Induction Questionnaire

Allows new staff and contractors to complete the induction via an app accessible via smart device or website.

Worksheet App

Allows the entry of works program using GPS tracking with exact address and description/size of works. It can also provide a rate and total amount which can be used as a reference on a purchase order.

Toolbox Meeting App

Documentation of site assessment with all staff on site/multiple sites and their acceptance of understanding tasks and SWMS. Use of YES, NO and N/A answers as well as electronic signatures.

Electrical Test & Tag Register

Will store items via tag number and prompt when next test/tag is required. Each item when tested and tagged will be entered with GPS/time/date stamp and electronically signed by authorised persons

First Aid Kit Register

Lists all items in the register and its assigned vehicle plant or position. When items are used, staff are to enter data which is time stamped and electronically signed by first aider.

Performance Evaluation Report

Allows assessment of individuals, contractors and subcontractors. Notes for recording and 100% scoring system. GPS positioning, time/date stamp and electronic signature.

Safety Improvement Notice

Q&A format with data entry and comments regarding specific points and email selections to report direct to manager relating to notice.

Protective clothing and equipment register

Allows the ease of recording and allocating clothing, boots and other PPE with date/time register of receiving applicant with an itemised list including electronic signature of who allocated the PPE and who received it.

Fuel Register App

Records usage of fuel when filling an assigned vehicle. Monitors use litres, price and expenditure on a daily basis. Uses a wheel for selection of vehicle and has GPS positioning with time/date stamping alongside signature.

Plant Risk Assessment App

Yearly extensive Plant safety checks and assessment in application format

Loan Car Agreement Form

Agreement for use of a loan car.

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